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Build with Enhanced Safety, Efficiency & Sophistication

Tackle Annoying Deficiencies Encountered in Traditionally Built Houses


Calls, Workouts, Music, Videogames, Neighbors…
Will Everyone Just Shut Up!

Natural Hazards

Flames and Wood Make One Hell of a Pizza…
Run for Your Life!


Foundation, Moisture, Mold, Termites…
Pay, Pay, Pay!

Thermal Insulation

Higher Electric Bills… Bigger Environmental Damage

Hybrid of Materials & Bold Architecture

Dedicated Service & Communication 

Engineering Experts

Attention to Details & High-Level Finishes

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The House of Tomorrow

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When it comes to home design, two attributes are likely to become even more important in the years ahead: sustainability and technology that predicts what residents…

Tornado Devastates Homes in Birmingham, Alabama

| Hazards | No Comments
An EF2 tornado devastated homes as it tore through the Eagle Point neighborhood in Shelby County, southeast of Birmingham, Alabama, on March 25, county officials…

New Homes Cost $24,000 More Due to Lumber Prices

| Materials | No Comments
FEBRUARY 22, 2021 In April 2020, softwood lumber prices rested at $350 per thousand board feet. Ten months later, that price is now $975 per…
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“Gourmet” Homes

in a World of McMansions

Strong, Durable & Appealing

As a startup, we are bringing our know-how in construction from around the world to upgrade our customer experience. By introducing unorthodox building materials & techniques, we create an overall better quality of life through durable design & sophisticated aesthetics.
We could act as your consultant, representative or design and build experts with a thorough analysis of current design plans, teams, or start-to-finish projects!

Durability is Essential to Sustainability

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