Bringing Engineering Home

Build with Enhanced Safety, Efficiency & Sophistication

Tackle Annoying Deficiencies Encountered in Traditionally Built Houses


Calls, Workouts, Music, Videogames, Neighbors…
Will Everyone Just Shut Up!

Natural Hazards

Timber Makes an Easy Target for Flames and Winds…
Run for Your Life!


Foundation, Moisture, Mold, Termites…
Pay, Pay, Pay!

Thermal Insulation

Lower Thermal Rating Means Higher Electrical Bills…
And a Bigger Environmental Damage!!

Hybrid of Materials & Bold Architecture

Dedicated Service & Communication 

Engineering Experts

Attention to Details & High-Level Finishes

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The House of Tomorrow

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When it comes to home design, two attributes are likely to become even more important in the years ahead: sustainability and technology that predicts what residents…

Tornado Devastates Homes in Birmingham, Alabama

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An EF2 tornado devastated homes as it tore through the Eagle Point neighborhood in Shelby County, southeast of Birmingham, Alabama, on March 25, county officials…

New Homes Cost $24,000 More Due to Lumber Prices

| Materials | No Comments
FEBRUARY 22, 2021 In April 2020, softwood lumber prices rested at $350 per thousand board feet. Ten months later, that price is now $975 per…
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“Gourmet” Homes

in a World of McMansions

Strong, Durable & Appealing

As a startup, we are bringing our know-how in construction from around the world to upgrade our customer experience. By introducing unorthodox building materials & techniques, we create an overall better quality of life through durable design & sophisticated aesthetics.
We could act as your consultant, representative or design and build experts with a thorough analysis of current design plans, teams, or start-to-finish projects!

Durability is Essential to Sustainability

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